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Our Mission

Today’s computer and internet technology is a rapidly evolving environment full of pitfalls, dead-ends, and seemingly insurmountable objects. The Claiborne Company acts as a "technoscout" through the changing environment, helping its clients to avoid pitfalls, to choose paths that have a productive future, and to find cost-effective ways around those seemingly insurmountable objects.

Just as the mountain man guided settlers safely through a myriad of hazards to a better life on the new frontier, The Claiborne Company now provides tools and guidance to organizations who want to improve their productivity and efficiency by staking their own claim on the technology frontier.

Company Profile

The Claiborne Company was founded in 1990 as a consulting company focusing on the end user and the end user’s interaction with computers, networks, and the Internet. In its 16-year history, The Claiborne Company has worked for a variety of clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to large national law firms to small retail businesses. With all its clients, a common thread persists – make the computer and the Internet work for the user.

The Claiborne Company has made it possible for thousands of people, from novices to experts, to use their computers and the Internet better and to obtain the maximum benefit from their organization’s technology investment. This has been accomplished by:

  • Designing, developing, and implementing web sites and web-based services that link companies to their customers and suppliers in a seamless fashion over the internet.

  • Designing, developing, and implementing email marketing campaigns.

  • Designing, developing, and implementing enterprise document management systems.

  • Designing, developing, and implementing systems of user instruction (both printed and on-line) for commercial software products and  in-house applications.

  • Developing and presenting complete training programs for such standard products as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Project and for custom in-house applications.

Today, The Claiborne Company provides services and products in three major areas, customer relationship management (CRM), document management, and training and support.

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The Claiborne Company
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